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Amuri has attended all four of my babies births. I enjoyed her being there so much with my first baby, that I HAD to have her there at all my other ones. She has the ability to make me feel safe and grounded with all the uncertainties pregnancy, labor, and delivery can come with. She carries out a level professionalism you don’t get in a lot of different settings, while still being a great friend and supporter. I was able to text or call Amuri with any questions or concerns. She was always very considerate of my husband and his feelings with each new situation we faced. She worked to give me options to combat all my anxieties and make me comfortable for my whole pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Each and every family deserves the level of care Amuri provides. Not only did she care for me in a medical sense but I got to keep her as a life long friend! I cannot recommend her enough!

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